Farmer, Koorda

We didn’t have to adjust the seeding depth at all.
I switched to the Fowler Seeding System because of inconsistent seed depth problems with My old bar.
I also have been looking over the fence watching how the system went and it has impressed me.
With the independent seeding arm, I have plenty of confidence to diginto pasture paddocks knowing my seeding depth will always be spot on.
“That’s the beauty of the system.”



Farmer, Cadoux

We did a lot of fence-sitting looking at how they performed on Brian’sfarm then decided to have a go last year. We sowed dry and into moistsoil and we got uniform germination across the workings.
I would say the plants were more vigorous and healthier-looking and even though we copped a frost in September we finished with a 1.7t/haaverage which in a tough year was excellent.
We sowed about 2400ha (6000ac) working around 8.5km/h to 9km/h in lightwhite sand to heavy grey clays and loams and the system handled it all.
And we didn’t have any trash problems, which I think also is due to the C-shank tines we used.


Dene & Glenn Solomon

The fowler seeding system has allowed us to have the confidence to plant canola, previously we have tried but rarely got the depth good enough to provide adequate numbers for a good establishment. This system ensures the seed remains at the depth of sowing even after heavy rain events, during seeding in 2012 we had very heavy rain and hail and the germination was excellent.
In addition we left the system at the same depth after completing the canola, for lupins and wheat and are very happy with all germinations. The system is extremely durable for most seed types we sow.
We made the decision to convert our 46’ flexi coil 820 bar over to the fowler system in early 2012, we had considered doing only half the bar. This decision has easily paid for itself in one year with the canola alone estimated at yielding 1.2 tonne when in the past we have averaged around 0.5 T.
Thanks heaps Colin, we really like the system and your support and ideas. Keep up the good work.


James Hope


I bought our FSS on the advise of our consultant. Fitted them to an Easyon chisel plow with 350 pound trips. The tines move a lot during seeding, which is of no concern because the FSS is independent of the tine and moves with the lay of the land.

This years germination and more importantly emergence has been excellent.

If in the event that our seeding system were burnt to the ground then, I would buy another Fowler Seeding System to replace it.


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